• Generate scalable True Type fonts (TTF).
  • Fonts can be used on any system which supports TTF (basically most of the popular operating systems like Windows / Mac / Linux).
  • Fonts are emailed to you.
  • Dynamically saves every tap. So even if you close the app accidentally, you dont loose any of your hard work.
  • Currently supports 102 Glyphs. More Glyphs will be added soon.
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Find answers to common problems here. If you still can not find an answer, feel free to contact us using the contact form or email us.

Q: Why have I not received the font file in email?
A: First check if you entered the email address correctly in the application. If that was correct, than check your mailbox ‘spam’ box. Sometimes emails get caught by spam filters. To avoid that, add “fonts@fontula.com” as a safe email address.

Q: Are these fonts compatible on any operating system?
A: Fonts created by Fontula® can be used on any operating system that has support for True Type FOnts.

Q: What are the future plans for this application?
A: We have very ambitious plans for the near future upgrades of Fontula®. We are planning to add the following:

  • A platform for Fontula® users to showcase their fonts.
  • Provision of much larger character set (including Chinese and other language support).
  • In-App preview of the fonts.
  • and much more…

Q: What is the ‘green’ vertical line in the application?
A: If you are not experienced font designer, this might be new to you. Basically each character of your font needs to define its width. The green line helps you specify what if the width of that glyph. This means that the next character will begin after this position. If you want to read about basics of Typeface, read this article.

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Sajid has created a simple font creation program that is simple in design and use and well thought out. It’s a great toll to have in any graphic artist tool set.

Universe Observer on iTunes

Cool idea and fun to play with. Had a question and the developer responded within an hour. Very impressed.

Minkus12345 on iTunes

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You can download it from the link below.

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